Remove SSH Key – Fix Warning ECDSA Host Key Differs

If you ssh to a box and get the following error message:

It means that, or someone is doing something nasty on your network, like a Man in the middle attack, or you have recently reinstalled your host, and now this IP has a new ssh key. In this case, to fix it, simply…

Install and configure SSH Server on CentOS

Thanks to the original poster for this great article, please make sure to visit his article here ! TL:DR OpenSSH Installations under CentOS Linux To install the server and client type:

Start the service:

Make sure port 22 is opened:

Firewall Settings Edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables (IPv4 firewall),

Add the line


Configure ssh to remote host with no prompt for password

You can achieve this with 3 simple steps: 1- Create you local key on your host (where you will be connecting from)

2- Create a directory on the remote host to store the keys

3- Copy the local host key into the remote host’s directory

4- Test the connectivity

5- Profit…

Microsoft SQL Server Firewall Configuration Script

Once you have you Microsoft SQL Server installed, you will need to open some port in the firewall if you intend to access it from another server/computer.  Copy and paste the following commands to open all common ports used by SQL Server:

Here are the configs for miscellaneous applications: