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Configure static IP on Ubuntu

This procedure will work many version of Ubuntu. I personally tested this on all Ubuntu versions from 12 and up, and should also work fine, or be a very good indicator of what to do, on any Debian based Linux distribution. Like many OS out there, right after installation, everything is configured to use DHCP.…

Create a new user on Debian based Linux distro

Very straight forward, create a user, a home folder, assign permissions to it, you’re done ! This create a simple user, with no particular rights.

Anyone wants to pitch in to add a bit more to this ? Add more rights to the users for specific function ? Leave a comment and I’ll gladly…

Install VMware Tools on any Debian Base OS

In VMware, select your guest, and click “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools” Then go back in your VM, and issue all the following commands from terminal.

Sometimes, you have to run the “mount” twice…. Cdrom might not have been ready the first time

Install the headers, required to build:

Proceed with the rest of…

Easy command to install Linux Kernel Headers

This command work with all Debian based OS. Open a command shell, and type the following:

  If you have the equivalent for CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, etc… Please le me know in the comments so I can add it.