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SQL Check Index Fragmentation

Thanks to Ola Hallengren, here is a simple scrip to report the fragmentation level of you database’s index One thing to note, if you don’t see any results after running this, you may have no index larger then 1000 pages, or no fragmentation at all ! Lucky you !

SQL Index Maintenance Script

Small simple scrip to automate SQL Index maintenance. Of course, the best scripts to accomplish this is Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution, that you can find here But if you want quick and simple, here it is;

How to move the SQL tempDB database files

Open SSMS (If you don’t know what is SSMS, you shouldn’t be doing this…) Paste and execute this query, modifying it to your needs

Restart the MS SQLSERVER Services. A new tempDB data and log files will be created in the newly specified location. You can deleted the original ones. Do not forget, you…

How to fix orphaned SQL Server users

Make sure to run all listed commands from the database you are fixing, not from Master. List the orphaned users in the database

To assign/repair with an existing login:

To create a new login and password for this user, use this instead:

Microsoft SQL Server Firewall Configuration Script

Once you have you Microsoft SQL Server installed, you will need to open some port in the firewall if you intend to access it from another server/computer.  Copy and paste the following commands to open all common ports used by SQL Server:

Here are the configs for miscellaneous applications: